Four Mile Markers of Discipleship

We want everyone to progress through four mile-markers of Journey Church:

Mile-marker 1: From lost to new believer

  • We want to see people come to believe Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. We want those far from God, to journey with God.

Mile-marker 2: From new believer to member

  • We want to help the unengaged to engage within the life of the church. Church membership is not a social club, but a place to be equipped to live for Jesus.

Mile-marker 3: From member to leader

  • Every member has the expectation to grow in leadership, because we are always leading others. Leadership has many different forms within the church. From leading your family worship time, to leading a Journey Group, to becoming an elder. God does not call us to be spectators but leading others to journey with God.

Mile-marker 4: From leader to being a leader of leaders.

  • As a leader we desire for more leaders to be made. For example these can be training new Journey group leaders, new deacons, new elders, and new church planters.

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