Praying for Journey (August 2015)

IMG_0712It took longer than we expected and we made it with one less vehicle than we left PA with, but we arrived in Texas last week and are getting settled in the new house. Thank you for your prayers so far as we journey to Journey!

  • For his new job selling insurance, Lee has class Aug. 3-6 with the exam on Friday the 7th. Please pray he does well.
  • We hope to meet our neighbors soon and start building relationships. Pray we have positive interactions with them.
  • During the first year we will be attending Covenant Community Church here in Pearland. We are looking forward to meeting their members and doing life here in Pearland with them.
  • Pray for James as he starts school in a few weeks. We are getting all the details worked out and meetings set up.
  • Pray for David as he continues to adjust to life in Texas. He really misses his friends and church family in PA.
  • Continue to pray for our house in PA to sell quickly (David is trying to convince us to keep it as a winter home so he can visit and go sledding!).

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