Praying for Journey (February 2016)

feb prayer requests

As we grow closer and closer to August, when we will officially sent out by our sponsoring church to focus more on Journey, we have many details to pray for. We appreciate those of you who continue to support us through prayer. When we are weary or discouraged, we remember the strength of the prayers you pray!

  • We are finishing up the prospectus, which shares an outline of our vision and plan with those who want to learn more and those who want to support our church. Pray for God’s guidance in this process and for us as we share our vision with churches to gain support.
  • Pray for people to be added to our Journey launch team. We are praying for a number families who want to help us launch and grow Journey. We are praying for people who have a call to the the west side of Pearland, a burden for seeing the lost come to Christ, and a passion to care for the lonely and hurting. Above all we trust God to bring together those He will use to build His church.
  • Lee will be preaching February 21st at Covenant. Please pray as he prepares and delivers the message God gives him to share.
  • For January and February, Sandra has been co-teaching the three year old class at Covenant. Please pray as she continues to care for the kids and teaches them the gospel.
  • Lee and Sandra are participating in a class at Covenant that focuses on building stronger and healthier relationships. Pray for those in the group as we grow and learn.
  • Friends in our small group (called a missional community group at Covenant) have been experiencing hard times as we’ve started the new month. Please pray with us for these families.
  • Please pray as we continue to get to know neighbors and others in the community. We made good connections at the autism parents support group meeting we attended last month. We plan to go again and Lee also plans to attend a support group for dads. Every conversation is an opportunity to show God’s love!
  • Specifically for our family, please pray for James’s anxiety to decrease. Pray Lee is able to organize his time well. Pray Sandra will remain open to how God will meet her needs (specifically for friendship as we face another transition). And pray for David as he often absorbs and reflects the emotions around him.

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