Praying for Journey (June 2016)

jrny june prayer

Thank you so much for your prayers in May. Our vision casting lunch went well. You can watch the Facebook live videos we took at it below:

Lee and David also had a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania. We are thankful Mason Dixon Baptist Church hosted them and so many of our friends from Stewartstown Baptist Church came. We added lots of names to our prayer and financial support lists and we are very thankful.

As we head into June, here’s how you can pray …


  • On June 12, Lee will be preaching at Covenant.
  • On June 16, Sandra will be speaking at an event for special-needs ministry leaders at Tallowood Baptist Church, hosted by Joni & Friends
  • On June 18, we’ll be doing a door-to-door survey in our neighborhood.
  • On June 25, we’re hosting a sensory-friendly movie free of charge for special-needs families.

Other requests:

  • We hope to add families to our launch team this month. We have eight families we are specifically talking to, some have already said they are praying about it. We hope to move them from “maybe” to “yes” this month.
  • Please pray for James as he adjusts to the summer schedule instead of his school routine. Sandra and Lee are both working three jobs through the summer and James doesn’t have as many activities or therapy sessions as he’s had in summers past. Pray we can balance it all.
  • We are planning more activities for the special-needs community through the summer and would appreciate your prayers as we plan. If you’d like to donate so we can reach more people with our events, donate through our supporting church, Covenant, and designate the gift for Journey Church

Thank you for your prayers!

“You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” 2 Corinthians 1:11

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